Professional drainage contractor in Auckland

Land drainage contractors

RMS Contracting Limited has been specializing in major infrastructure drainage since 2019. Over the years, we have steadily developed our expertise and specialized capacity in 3-Waters infrastructure, supported by a highly competent project management team and a network of specialist contractors.

Our core specialization lies in the installation of various types of pipes, including concrete, PVC, clay, HDPE, MDPE, fiberglass, and concrete-lined steel. With a dedicated team of specialists, we possess the capability to employ both trenchless methods and directional drilling, as well as open-cut trench methods, even at depths exceeding 6 meters.

Our Services Include

  • Stormwater Installation
  • Wastewater Installation
  • Water Reticulation Installation
  • Asset Inspection and Scoring
  • Pot Holing and Investigation
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Directional Drilling
  • Fusion Welding
  • CIPP and Nylon Spiral Pipe Relining
  • Fabrication of Specialist Componentry
  • Over pumping
  • Contaminated Waste Removal
  • Pump Stations
Land drainage contractors

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex drainage projects, delivering exceptional results through efficient project management, technical proficiency, and adherence to industry standards.

These adjustments aim to provide a clearer and more concise expression of the company’s expertise in infrastructure drainage and pipe installation. Our expertise lies in constructing drains for State Highways, apartment blocks, car parks, factories, and sports fields. As a leading drainage contractor, we serve Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington, and other locations across New Zealand. Our services encompass all types of commercial drain laying, tailored to meet specific project requirements.

In addition to our drain laying services, we offer comprehensive drainage consultancy, prioritizing the best interests of our clients. We have collaborated with surveyors, homeowners, landlords, architects, engineers, project managers, and designers to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved within budgetary constraints.

Why choose RMS contracting drainage services?

We are one of Auckland’s, Hamilton’s, New Plymouth’s, Wellington’s, and the North Island’s leading professional drainage contractors, dedicated to providing quality services, adhering to strict timelines, ensuring reliability, and delivering the best customer service.

Key aspects of our services include:

  1. Well-equipped: We possess state-of-the-art equipment that significantly reduces project timelines, enabling us to complete work efficiently within a minimal timeframe. Our experienced drainage contractors are well-versed in selecting suitable materials, tools, machines, and methodologies tailored to the specific climatic conditions, area, and materials involved.
  2. Optimized solutions: As drainage contractors, we are committed to working diligently and swiftly, recognizing the value of every minute. We employ the right tools and a focused mindset to ensure work is completed efficiently and with utmost precision.
  3. Result-oriented work: Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to meet and surpass project standards. We take pride in delivering high-quality services, consistently upholding our motto of excellence.