Earthworks form the basis of any site, so make sure you work with expert earthmoving contractors.

Earthmoving contractors

RMS Contracting has extensive experience in projects involving significant earthworks. Our earthmoving team has worked on various types of soils, accumulating over half a decade of experience. As a leading earthworks contractor in the North Island, we serve regions including Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, and Wellington.

We specialize in three essential services as earthworks contractors:

  1. General Earthworks
  2. Bulk Earthworks
  3. Embankment Formation

At RMS Contracting, we take pride in our strong team of professionals and experienced individuals who consistently deliver successful outcomes for our clients, completing projects within budget and timeframe.

Our team carries out a wide range of earthworks

Our earthworks services encompass a wide range of activities, ensuring smooth, productive, and efficient operations:

  • Vegetation Clearance
  • Lawn Preparation
  • Site Preparation and Demolition
  • Excavation for Commercial and Other Sites
  • Subdivision Earthworks
  • Sheet Piling and SED Piling
  • Stabilization and Ground Improvement
  • Engineered Cut and Fill
  • Survey and 3D Modelling
  • Environmental Controls such as Silt Retention Ponds, Silt Controls, and Flocculation Systems

Earthmoving equipment hire in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, and Wellington

If you are in need of earthmoving equipment for hire in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, and Wellington, we offer a wide range of equipment to meet your specific requirements. Our equipment fleet includes a diverse selection of machinery, ranging from 1.7-ton to 35-ton excavators, tractors, dumpers, trucks, trailers, and more, tailored to suit the needs of each project. We take pride in keeping our fleet modern and up-to-date, minimizing our environmental impact.

Many of our excavators are equipped with GPS technology, enabling precise adherence to design constraints using state-of-the-art market-leading technology.

To ensure optimal performance and reliability, we consistently test and service all equipment, adhering to the highest industry standards. Our maintenance practices align with industry best practices. With our extensive resources and expertise, we are proud to be a leading provider of earthmoving equipment hire in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington, and surrounding areas.

Why choose RMS contracting Earthmoving services?

Every construction project requires efficient earthmoving services. At RMS, we offer the best prices, top-quality workmanship, and a strong commitment to on-site health and safety. Our team always strives for high-yield, impactful results that meet and exceed project requirements, making us the best earthmoving company in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, and Wellington.

With expertise in developing mass haul plans in challenging conditions, our Earthworks team ensures that project deliverables are established right from the start. We incorporate a construction management plan (CMP) and an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) based on project specifications, all within the framework of our quality management systems.

Our collaborative approach ensures that all your requirements are fulfilled efficiently, delivering swift and desired results. With two decades of experience in the industry, our team is well-versed in anticipating and tackling upcoming challenges. They possess an excellent knowledge base to determine the perfect equipment for each project, tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

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