Heavy haulage transport company in Auckland

RMS Contracting offers a comprehensive range of heavy transportation solutions in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, and Wellington, simplifying the logistics of moving heavy machinery. With our team’s extensive experience in transporting heavy machinery and equipment, we ensure efficient and reliable service.

We specialize in handling oversized or over-dimensional loads and cater to various transportation needs. Our commitment is to provide safe and on-time transportation services across New Zealand.

We possess a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations set by the government of New Zealand. This includes adhering to load category specifications, road constraints, and obtaining permits for the transportation of wide loads. When necessary, we also provide pilot vehicles for wide-load transportation to ensure compliance and safety.


Heavy Haulage Transport Services for all oversize loads

RMS Contracting has always been the go-to company for heavy haul transportation services for oversized loads in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington, and throughout New Zealand. We cater to the haulage requirements of public, government, and commercial projects, serving every sector.

Our Transporter offers a comprehensive range of heavy hauling services, accommodating various types of machinery such as tractors, rollers, excavators, paving machinery, milling machines, dumpers, diggers, and other heavy equipment used in land development and other projects. We prioritize providing swift responses and on-time solutions to all our clients, saving them time, costs, and energy associated with transporting heavy machinery.

At RMS Contracting, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable heavy-haul transportation, and we strive to deliver exceptional service that meets and exceeds expectations.

Common heavy haul equipment we move

RMS Contracting company covers a wide range of heavy hauling services, specializing in some of the most common equipment, including:

  • Forestry machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Road rollers
  • Excavators and diggers
  • Farming heavy equipment like tractors

Why choose RMS contracting heavy haulage services?

As a heavy haulage transport company, we prioritize safe and on-time logistics. RMS Contracting is a trusted provider in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, and Wellington. Our commitment is to ensure the swift and secure movement of your equipment to its intended destination. With our experienced team, we possess industry-specific knowledge, valuable experience, and a practical understanding of various complexities faced by our clients. We offer tailored solutions based on specific requirements, including considerations such as over-width dimensions, bridge weights, heavy equipment dimensions, and the overall weight of each piece of equipment.

At RMS Contracting, we strive to deliver exceptional service by addressing every detail and ensuring the successful transportation of your heavy equipment.

We have 

  • Different range of trailers for all types of loading requirements
  • Years of experience, dedication, and an excellent track record
  • Result-driven problem-solving abilities
  • Budget-friendly services
  • A collaborative and qualitative approach
  • Safe delivery of customer’s equipment