Road contractor company in New Zealand

RMS Contracting company is one of the leading front runners in road construction in New Zealand. So far, we have covered the public sector and commercial projects. To date, we have worked on big state highway projects within New Zealand. Apart from that, we have also worked on road maintenance of State highways. 

As one of the leading road contractor companies in New Zealand, we have worked with NZTA Waka Kotahi, consultants, specialists, pavement engineers, contractors, local councils, and land developers to build sustainable roads that ensure safety, longevity and high-end quality work. 

Highway construction company in New Zealand

RMS is a prominent highway construction company in New Zealand, specializing in consultation and construction of pavement layers with a strong emphasis on quality assurance. We prioritize meeting project timelines and ensuring the highest standard of workmanship. With a decade of expertise in highway engineering, we have successfully implemented design changes and offered cost-effective alternatives for numerous projects.

Our dedicated in-house team of pavement engineers is instrumental in delivering exceptional results. We take pride in our contribution to providing the people of New Zealand with the best quality roads, ultimately enhancing the overall connectivity of our country.

Types of Roads RMS specializes in

  • Modified Pavements (Cement & Bitumen stabilized)
  • Unmodified Pavement 
  • Rural Roads
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt

Why choose RMS for road construction services?

As one of the reputable state highway and subdivision road construction companies, we have earned the trust of our clients by consistently delivering quality construction and ensuring timely project completion, thereby facilitating smooth travel for the public. Our team brings years of experience, having successfully navigated through numerous challenges, always ready to address complex issues related to technicalities, road safety, construction, and maintenance.

We take pride in setting new benchmarks for reliable and scalable solutions, prioritizing the longevity, safety, and environmental sustainability of the roads we construct. Throughout the years, we have employed various techniques and best practices to execute high-quality road construction work that is suitable for diverse climates, terrains, and vehicles.